Site still under development

I’m still working on moving and implementing things. So bare with me please.

Zabbix 4.2 and Timescaledb

Today Zabbix released their Version 4.2 into the wild with a great set of new features. There’s a good overview on Zabbix own site but be sure to also check the “What’s new in Zabbix 4.2” section in the documentation as it’s more complete!

One new feature is the experimental support of TimescaleDB. A currently trending Open Source Timeseries Database - well sort of as it’s an extension to Postgres.

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Favorite Tools - OpenFaaS

“The mission of OpenFaaS ® is to Make Serverless Functions Simple. It can be run on any cloud through the use of portable Docker containers without the fear of getting locked-in or having to manage complex infrastructure.”

Bold statement but just so true. OpenFaaS is easily one of my favorite tools and Open-Source projects out there. There are so many things on the plus side for OpenFaaS.

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Hello Again

As I’m in an active job shift again, I had to move my domain and blog. Luckily I haven’t had much … or like any … real content online so I decided to switch completely to GitHub Pages.

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