As I’m in an active job shift again, I had to move my domain and blog. Luckily I haven’t had much … or like any … real content online so I decided to switch completely to GitHub Pages.

I first had a look in Jekyll site generator but … what a mess! After some days struggling I stumbled over Hugo thanks to Golang Weekly and it had an instant appeal to me. A single portable binary with clean CLI and a healthy community built already. Whole site clearly structuated an all clear coded. I quickly got grip with it and with Beautiful Hugo found a theme I liked pretty well. Thought it took me some more weeks and an infection of the lateral pharyngeal bands to finally bring it up online.

Hopefully I will find more time and especially have more drive to post more. I already have some ideas to get started but first I want to find a good way to implement/link to my favorite tools here. They deserve better than a simple link list so I thought about short blog posts with good tags or a dedicated page.