“The mission of OpenFaaS ® is to Make Serverless Functions Simple. It can be run on any cloud through the use of portable Docker containers without the fear of getting locked-in or having to manage complex infrastructure.”

Bold statement but just so true. OpenFaaS is easily one of my favorite tools and Open-Source projects out there. There are so many things on the plus side for OpenFaaS.

First up it’s easy to deploy. Install Docker, which you should do anyways, install the faas-cli, deploy the stack and you’re good to go for your first function as a service. I’ve managed to solve that manually in under 5 minutes with a sub-optimal connection!

It’s well documented and the community built around the project is one of the best OSS communities I’m aware of. A large part of this archievement comes through the founder of OpenFaaS himself - Alex Ellis is extremly inspiring and tries to help the community as much as possible. Last year he even managed to get a job at @VMware to work full-time on OpenFaaS.

The biggest and most important feature of all is the versatility of OpenFaaS. You may run it on a single- or multi-node Docker Swarm (which is my preferred deployment) or Kubernetes Cluster or through providers even on Hashicorp’s Nomad. All that on full blown bare-metal servers or small SBC like the RaspPi. Even more important, it is dead simple to write new functions - nearly in every “language”/tooling you can think of. I won’t get into detail here, just follow the many good tutorials out there like on the official docs. And be sure to follow Alex Ellis and OpenFaaS Twitter accounts and Blogs for updates and more good posts.

I can just think of one sort of negative point here - the range/reach of OpenFaaS out there. IMO it may compete with the big players from Amazon to Microsoft in certain situations, especially as you may deploy it even there and on-prem but in reality it’s just not has the adoption. There’s always place for multiple solutions and we will have to see how far it gets. Until then have a look at it, try it, contribute to it and maybe even support it through an backing at Patreon.