About me

First things first my name is Markus Fischbacher and I’m living near Salzburg, Austria.

fischbacher.rocks is my personal blog with my personal view. Just mine, just that. It’s also kind of a personal reminder for things I care and things I don’t want to forget about. But mostly it will focus on technology, hardware and software … and games of course :D

Since my first contact with computers I was fascinated by programing. Early on, it were only games that captured my attention but as I realized that Austria isn’t a good market for that I shifted my focus on general computing. I started as a common administrator, installing PC and untangling Token-Ring-Networks or helping users resetting passwords and worked all the way up to a Cloud-Service provider working with my now favorite technologies like VMware vSphere and Dockerized things.

Currently I’m in a job shift again.

Through all that time I kept contributing on Open Source Projects or at least patreoning if I can’t contribute but using them. Give, not just use.